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A few years ago I switched all of our household lights out with LED bulbs of some type. But after the recent toe dip into home automation with the Google Nest thermostat (yes I am well aware that I also recently posted about needing a little less Google in my life....Don't judge me) I started looking for some WiFi enabled light switches to replace our standard switches to add a little more automation in the mix.

I never made a purchase of any only looking at them online in all the usual places Amazon, Aliexpress, and Banggood. None of them seemed like they were what I was looking for. I really anted something that offered some kind of open protocol that allowed for opensource home automation software to control them. Rather than be locked down to some cheap Chinese application.

So while I was out running some errands recently,I found myself in my local Virgin Store (Unsupervised), and a stumbled across these LIFX A60 smart lights, so Ipicked up a couple to play with. Completely an impulse buy with no research what so ever, not so much as a google search standing in that store.

It appears that LIFX got started as a KickstarterBack in 2012 Looks like they struck gold and were very successful.

On, off, dimming, White or Soft White

That's how I typically think of household lighting, that's just hows it is. I do remember when TV back-lighting became a "thing" But it always seemed like a cheap gimmick, and I didn't ever try it out. In the short time that I have owned these lights my opinion about household lighting has changing very rapidly. Even with just utilizing the preset options dramatically changes the feeling in the room. Not just dimming the lights because it evening time but giving the room the hue of a pink and orange sunset sky.

It turns out I was missing this in my life and didn't even know it. Lighting has a huge impact on my mood.

There are lots of possibilities

  • Lighting that syncs with movies: Scan movie files for key lighting information then change the room lighting to increase the depth of the movie fell.....maybe?
  • Build a web-based controller: The App is very nice but I would rather have a web app that is ran locally and uses LIFX API, so I could make a custom page for each kids group...maybe to eliminate the amount of pranks.

Building a web-based locally hosted controller is most-likely the project I will take on. Mainly because it seems like it would be the easiest couple of buttons that send some default commands for color and brightness.

But what about SECURITY?

Well nothing is perfect, andthere have been known vulnerabilities in the past, and I'm sure there will be more. So about the only thing that I can do is put these on their own VLAN and limit their access to anything with firewall rules.