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Constant compulsion to scroll, not really interacting but scrolling. Its the one of the first things that I would do in the morning. Wake up and take my phone to the bathroom and scroll on Facebook to see all the "stuff" I missed while I was sleeping. On top of that,I was checking my phone dozens of times throughout the day, wasting endless hours before bed just scrolling.

It seems like it should have been the ultimate tool for communicating and interacting with remote friends and family. But it seems to have morphed to a platform for drama and grandstanding.

I think what really drove me away from the platform is the level of purely opinionated political post of my "Friends."Most of which only re-posting regurgitated opinions from whichever news outlet that they follow. It seemed very hostile and negative, so I left.

Its now been a couple of months and I can say that I don't miss either platform. As the title of this post suggest, I'm still use social media. The platform that I prefer is

What I like about Reddit is it seems to be the home of some very niche support groups. Offering a platform for people to help each other with just about any topic for the mainstream financial advice to the obscure software support. Yes, I know that it has its fair share of political post and silliness but oh well.