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Anyone who know me knows that I am a huge Google fan. I love that my phone knows I am a commuter and unprompted lets me know what traffic is doing and if I should take an alternate route home. They offer myriad of other service that are such an integral part of everyday life regardless of your smartphone affiliation.

But lately, I have been thinking I want a little less Google in my life, not so little that it would qualify as paranoia but....maybe not keep all of my eggs in one basket.

So...How do you de-google your life, a little ?

First off I'll look for a different browser solution. I became married to google chrome when it was released. I migrated to chrome browser from firefox and never really looked back. I guess I'll call it Complacency if it ain't broke then it don't need fixing right?

Browser options for evaluation

What about search engine?

Well great I changed my browser by surely I will still be tracked to the nth degree when I google everything right?

Well, that would be true if I wasn't changing my default search engine.

While I don't think that there is anyway to tell if a search engine is profiting from users. I feel slightly more comfortable about than google. Virtually the same results as google including all the helpful bit I think most of us use on a daily basis like quick calculations.

I think paired with Firefox I have taken a large chunk of my daily online presence off of Google...........

But what about Gmail?

Well, I haven't completely solved this. I have been using Gmail for most of my adult life and finding it hard to transition away from the platform. But I have been managing my own dedicated web server and mail server for the last 10+ years. My thought is to just use a personal mail server. The biggest issue right now is that I don't want to be that guy.

Hey, everyone, I have a new email address.

But maybe I will get over that and post an entry about it.